“Distance Learning” has been with us for YEARS.


Disrupting College
How Disruptive Innovation Can Deliver Quality and Affordability to Postsecondary Education
by Clayton M. Christensen, Michael B. Horn, Louis Caldera, Louis Soares
February 2011

Online learning is frequently disparaged because it is often asynchronous, and it is often done at a distance. This is a smokescreen. Distance learning was alive and well in 1970 when Clayton Christensen [the author] was seated with 200 other students in the 45th row of the massive Joseph Smith Auditorium at Brigham Young University in History 170, a general education course that he had to take for his social studies requirement. The teacher was never aware of Clay’s presence or absence because everything was “distance” beyond the fifth row. And the process was asynchronous: Clay was asleep while the teacher was lecturing and the teacher was asleep when Clay was reading the textbook. Asynchronous, distance learning is nothing new.

Link to the complete article (online PDF).


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