Got video? Embed a Films on Demand video to your Angel class!

What is Films on Demand (FOD)?
It’s a new online video streaming database the library subscribed to in September and debuted in October.  The videos in FOD are from Films Media Group and includes over 6000 educational titles in humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science and math, health and medicine, as well as archival newsreels that focus on World War II.

How do I access FOD?
Go to the library website listing of all online databases at:  Scroll down the alphabetical list until you see Films on Demand and click on it.  Search, explore, and find the video you want!

  • NOTE: when you are off campus or using campus wireless, you will need to verify that you are a Centralia College student or employee before you can access the library databases.  You will need your SID or EID and your last name, written all in caps (e.g. SMITH).

Films on Demand - Embed Code

Now that I found my FOD video, how do I embed it into my Angel class?
Very easy to do!  All you need is the embed code that’s listed under the video in FOD (click on the Embed This Video link under the video to get the embed code; see picture on right).  Highlight the whole embed code, copy, and paste it in your Angel class.

  • NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, you may only use this FOD embed code in your Angel class.  If you want a FOD video linked to your website or other online platform, use the Title URL code.
  • TIP: Here’s Kathy’s video on how to embed videos into your Angel class: Videos – embedding a YouTube video; substitute the YouTube code for the FOD code and you’ll do great!

2 thoughts on “Got video? Embed a Films on Demand video to your Angel class!

  1. This is great! I’m so glad you worked on getting the embed codes to work. There is so much great stuff there, Films for the Humanities and such, that being able to easily play them within Angel will make it even more convenient.

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