What Makes eLearning Courses Different?

When a student meets with an advisor… and the student is thinking of enrolling in an eLearning course, what should the two talk about?

For eLearning courses in this post, I’m referring to fully online, eCorrespondence, or hybrid.

Just what *are* the requirements of someone taking an eLearning course, beyond those requirements of a typical face-to-face course?  We all know that teachers and students both need to be prepared no matter how the class is taught. All types of courses have time required outside of class … and yes, even some technology skills are common to most courses now.

So what makes an eLearning course different from any other course?  And I guess I have to ask *is* there a difference?

Does an eLearning course require…

  • more independent thinking?
  • more independent work?
  • better time management?
  • better reading skills?
  • more technology skills?
  • faster and more reliable internet access?
  • feeling more comfortable asking for help?
  • knowing where to get support/help?

PLEASE, comment and tell me what makes eLearning courses different!


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