Media Files Server Announced!

Posted by State Board/WAOL this morning:


We are pleased to announce the upgrade to the WAOL media server is now complete, and anyone with Course  Editor status  may access it directly from within WAOL ANGEL. 


Here’s how it works: When instructors go to Add Content under Lessons, they will see a “Media File” option along with the other content item types (pages, discussion forums, assessments, etc.).  The media files are actually stored on Amazon3 servers but will appear to the user seamlessly with other lesson content.  Media Files in ANGEL will allow faculty to upload and manage all media types, including images, sound and video files with the following advantages:


       Uploaded files do not count towards the total file storage limit of the course.  Users may upload as many media files and use them in as many courses as they choose.

       Added convenience as instructors add media files to courses right in the Lessons area in ANGEL.

       Media Files are now treated the same as any other lesson content item in ANGEL, which means instructors can set team settings, passwords, automation, etc., just as they do for the rest of their course content.

       Flash (.flv) or MPEG-4 (.mp4) video files and M4A audio files can be streamed to an embedded video player or downloaded, or both. 

       Links to media files cannot be copied and used outside of ANGEL, making it easier for instructors who want to control access to streamed files.  Instructors who want students to have the option to download and share files can also do so.

       Instructors can add Creative Commons licensing to content they own and upload.

       A media file needs to be uploaded only once.  The instructor can then add the file to any other course or location in ANGEL.

       When course content is copied from a master course or other quarterly course, media files will still work.

       Media files can be added to repositories.


The new tool was enabled in all WAOL ANGEL domains on Thursday, February 10.  We have scheduled several Elluminate demonstration and question and answer sessions.  Please invite your faculty to attend:


       Feb 16th — 12 AM

       Feb 23rd – 2:30 PM

       Feb 25th — 1 PM


Log into the Elluminate sessions at:


 For step-by-step instructions on using WAOL Media Files in ANGEL:


 For more information and to watch a video overview about using WAOL Media Files


This tool is currently available only in WAOL ANGEL.  The next step will be to package the code so colleges with their own ANGEL licenses can add to their ANGEL if they choose.  The content will be hosted on the SBCTC media server through Amazon3. 


Colleges and instructors are responsible to make sure you and your students can legally use the content uploaded to this server. If the copyright does not allow for students to possess an electronic copy, do not allow it to be downloaded.


We hope this new tool will be useful to faculty and students on WAOL ANGEL.  Please let us know how it goes.




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