KindleDid you know there’s a Kindle (an eBook reader) currently in the Centralia College eLearning department, and Centralia College employees can borrow it for a test drive?

It’s great fun to play with – you can adjust the font size, contrast and all kinds of neat things. It’s even got built-in wi-fi for easy purchasing/downloading of books.

Need more? Here’s an introductory video.

I’ve got the battery charging right now!  Just let us in eLearning know and we’ll set things up for you.


One thought on “Kindle!

  1. I have the free Kindle app for my laptop. It does a good job as a reader but it does not allow copy functions which I think is a real PITA.

    I don’t know if this applies to the full Kindle or not, but if you can copy in Kindle, where do you paste?

    I’m just not sold. It is a fine reader, sure. But without more functionality I can’t see it as a serious tool. I don’t need another reading device. I need one device that can handle any format and facilitates information transfer and research.

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