ipadIs anyone out there using an iPad for instruction?  There’s a lot of interest on our campus about iPads (I have one myself), but when I try to pin down the actual uses in education… I often don’t get answers.  I’ve heard there are apps for this and that, but which specific apps are being used, and for what? Inside the classroom? Outside the classroom?  What if just the instructor has the iPad?  And yes, I love my iPad, but to me, for now, it’s pretty much an expensive technological toy…

Comments anyone?


4 thoughts on “iPad?

  1. I don’t use one for classes on campus, but I use mine at my other job as a personal trainer at a gym. I set up my charts for clients in word and import them onto my ipad with Docs to Go and update the date.

    I too would like to be able to integrate them into my classes here… such as connect and stream videos… pages from books,etc onto power point.

  2. I attended a workshop on using the ipad in classes. It was taught by Bridget Yaden, the president of WAFLT (WA Foreign Language Teachers Association) and I thought it was interesting.
    From: yadenlbe@plu.edu
    Subject: Registration for WAFLT iPad and Google Apps Workshop
    But for her class, PLU supplied ipads for all the students. I think it would be hard to use ipad in teaching without the students each having one.
    If the students have an ipad, it would be very effective.

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