Quality Matters @ Centralia College

Centralia College is part of a state-wide initiative to adopt and/or “modify and use” the Quality Matters rubric.  This QM rubric is a nationally recognized, research-based checklist used to evaluate course design for fully online and hybrid courses. Formally, applying the rubric is a team process of peer-evaluation between faculty and is NOT used for faculty evaluation. It is used only to assess course design.

Here at Centralia we use our own internal version of the QM rubric. We use our for informal checklist as a way to evaluate the course design of fully online, hybrid or eCorrespondence courses.  The review is carried out between a faculty member and our Instructional Designer.

Our checklist is based on the specific standards from the QM rubric. We’ve arranged our versions of these standards into two groupings:  High-Priority and Lower-Priority.  When used as part of a new eLearning Course Development contract, all the High-Priority items much be achieved while the Lower-Priority are optional.

Interested in a look at our informal checklist? Here is our latest version for fully online courses: eLearning_Quality_Checklist-7-10-version3

Want to learn more about QM? Here’s their website.

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