eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #3

My computer’s just fine.

Is it …really? Even if it’s brand new…

  • Are you using the correct web browser (currently Angel only likes Internet Explorer or Firefox)?
  • Do you have your web browser correctly configured to work with your class web sites (currently Angel here at Centralia College)?
  • Do you have all the plug-ins you need?
  • Are you someone who installs the latest/greatest software, including beta versions? This might not be the best idea since an established resource like Angel or Tegrity may not be quite ready to “play nice” with something that has yet to be officially released. 
  • Have you set up an organization structure for saving your class files? Perhaps a folder for each class?
  • What kind of internet service do you have? Is it fast enough? Is it reliable enough?
  • Do you have a technology backup plan for those unthinkable moments… when technology fails you?

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