Faculty: Forwarding Angel eMail

With our winter 2011 change to All Angel All the Time, students now have the ability to enter any of their Angel classrooms (even if you have no content) and send email to you, their teacher, from within Angel.

Now that’s all well and good, but typically email sent from within Angel stays in Angel. This means that you may be missing emails from your students!

Besides telling students your email preferences, you might want to tell Angel to forward any Angel email to your college email account.  Here’s how:

  1. go to http://angel.centralia.edu
  2. enter your username (EID number)
  3. enter your password (first 5 letters of last name, lowercase)
  4. Logon
  5. on the left side vertical column of buttons, click on the one that looks like a head (preferences)
  6. click on the System Settings link
  7. scroll down
  8. enter your Forwarding Address
  9. use the Forwarding Mode dropdown box to choose what Angel should do with the email that’s still within Angel
  10. Save
  11. Done!

(and – did you know that you can use the Angel email system to easily send emails to your students! Without knowing their email addresses! Sweet feature!)


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