Extra Time for Tests in Angel

If a student asks for, and has been granted extra time from our Disability Services office on campus… here’s how to set up a test for a specific student with extra time in Angel:

While there’s supposed to be a simple way to accomplish this within Angel, it never seems to quite work for me, and I find it hard to confirm that I’ve done it correctly.  So I’m going to take the long route on this one.  Let’s assume this is for a student who gets time and a half on a test. The basic idea is:

  1. Your original test should be all set up, timed and associated with gradebook as you normally would
  2. Create two teams:  Time-and-a-Half, and Everyone-Else
  3. Put your student(s) needing time and a half, into the Time-and-a-Half team
  4. Put all other students in the Everyone-Else team
  5. Set the Access for your original test to the Everyone-Else team
  6. Copy the test.
  7. Set the Access for the test copy to the Time-and-a-Half team
  8. Change the time allowed on the test copy
  9. In your Gradebook, Assignments, associate the original gradebook entry with the test copy



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