eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #5

I’ve got 15 minutes to turn in my homework, no problem!

Murphy's LawAnd that’s when your internet service dies… or your baby throws up on the keyboard… or you don’t really remember how to turn in homework using a dropbox in your Angel classroom. Please, if you have homework due at a certain time, turn it in hours before it’s due!  Just in case!

It’s “murphy’s law” any time you try to do something at the last minute. The more rushed you are, the more stress you’re under and you’re just not doing your best. Of course, if you’re not doing your best, then it seems inevitable that your computer will not cooperate either.

How to avoid this potential problem? Plan ahead! If homework is due by midnight, try to turn it in by 9:00 that night. You’ll be done and feel great.  And *if* you have problems, you’ll have time to call a friend, look for help online, drive to another computer, etc.

And just in case, did you know we have a lot of help for our students? There’s even help late at night:

library/research help/chat 24/7

videos and documentation to help students


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