Open Course Library – Good News!

Received this note today from Cable Green, Director of eLearning and Open Education at the state board.  Kathy Brooks is one of the statewide instructional designers working on this Gates Foundation funded project to provide open and low cost course materials for the state’s highest enrolling courses.  Let us know if you are interested in using the fruits of this project in your classes!

Greetings Open Course Library Team:

I have two OCL “good news” items to share… to remind us why the Open Course Library is so important.

(1) Christopher Gildow is piloting the “ART 100: Introduction” OCL course this quarter.  He sent this update and gave me permission to share.

From: Christopher Gildow []
Subject: OCL feedback

To give you some instant feedback –this morning I started my pilot OCL course (ART 100: Introduction) at Everett Community College to a full class of 37. When I explained the motivation behind it and the reality of the digital content at no cost there was a collective smile and sigh of relief by the students. In particular, one student approached me after class and said how much of a difference it will make for him not having to spend $127.00 on a hard-cover textbook because it affords him the opportunity to attend college.

Great payback for all our work!


(2) I learned Martha Kanter (Undersecretary of Education) is at the Consumer Electronics Show (in Vegas) and talked about the “Open Course Library” project this morning. Dean Florez (CA Senate Majority Leader) called me from CES to share the good news.

If any of you have stories / student feedback as you pilot your OCL courses … please send them to Tom Caswell and/or me.  We love to hear / share them!

Have a great week,



One thought on “Open Course Library – Good News!

  1. AND – we’re just in the first round of course development; 40+ courses are being created. There will soon be a second round beginning. Perhaps YOU would like to be involved as a course creator? Universal Design specialist? Researcher? Librarian? Instructional Designer? Multicultural expert?

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