eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #6

My computer died over the weekend, can I have another week to turn in my homework?


Probably not… you can ask your teacher, but it’s usually expected that homework will be turned in on time.


Do you have a backup technology plan? Where will you go if you have last-minute things that need to be done? A friend? A relative? And is their computer going to work well with our class web sites (currently Angel)? Do you have the URL for your class web site handy? Do you have your login name and password written somewhere? Do you remember how to make Angel happy with the computer you’re using?


Plan ahead and be prepared now.


Here are some things you might have written on a piece of paper (do NOT save them on your computer – what good will they be on your computer, when your computer dies?)


Your student ID number
Your class names
A printout of the syllabus from each class
Your teachers’ names
Your teachers’ email addresses
Your teachers’ phone numbers
The Angel website address
Your Angel password
Website addresses for other sites your classes may use
The college website address
-The website address for Angel help videos
-Phone number of a friend who had a computer you can use
What else can you think of that you’ll need? 


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