Kathy and Barkley

Kathy and Barkley (which is which?)

If you’re a Centralia College employee – come see me! Drop by my office in LIBR 125. You can schedule appointments with me too!

I often deal with technology or instruction topics and while yes, I can send emails and talk on the phone;  you can’t beat a face-to-face conversation.

I’d be glad to help you with course design, the Quality Matters rubric, Angel, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, digital images, your digital camera, Tegrity, Elluminate, creating a syllabus, blogging, etc.  Oh! Did I hear iPad? iPhone? And if I can’t help, I can often point you in the right direction.

I’m here. It’s my job. Use me!

–Kathy Brooks
ext. 673, LIBR 125


One thought on “COME SEE ME!

  1. You’re opening a can of worms with this broadcast invite. Have you considered a Baskin Robbin’s type of number dispenser? And, how about an egg timer to control prolonged visits by your number 1 fan(s)?

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