Online Tegrity Training Available

Starting in January, Tegrity will be offering online training in the following areas:

Basic Recording & Editing
Jan. 18: 2-4pm
Jan. 19: 9-11am
Feb 1: 9-11am
Feb 2: 2-4pm

Advanced Recording & Editing
Jan. 24: 2-4pm
Jan. 25: 2-4pm
Feb 8: 9:30-11:30
Feb 9: 2-4pm

Playback Experience
Jan. 26: 2-3pm
Feb. 10: 2-3pm

Anyone interested in attending the above online sessions, please follow the Elluminate link (same link for all trainings):  Even if you have signed up for this training via the Centralia College eLearning Office, you will still follow the same guidelines as above.

Anyone that attends these trainings are being asked to identify themselves with their name and college affiliation.  They will count people ‘at the online door.’


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