eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #7

I can’t find anything in Angel! eLearning courses suck.

Before it’s the last minute and you’re in a panic, take some time now to explore your class website. Look around, try things out. You can’t break it!  While not every Angel class has the same content, does your class have

  • a syllabus
  • a course calendar
  • major assignments
  • how you’ll be graded
  • two ways to contact your teacher
  • a general discussion forum for common questions/answers
  • an explanation about checking grades
  • expectations for your behavior/writings/comments/contact
  • practice quizzes/dropboxes/discussion forums

Start in the Lessons tab and read the names of the items you see. If something’s a folder, click on it to open it, then look at its contents.  Some teachers put things under the Resources tab – often you’ll find your syllabus there along with links to external web sites.  The Communicate tab is where you can find a course roster and email to contact your teacher.

One important thing: TESTING. If there are online tests in your course, how do you take them? Can you take tests online or will you have to arrange for a proctor ahead of time? Are the tests open book? Are the tests timed? Can you use a calculator? Notes? What kinds of questions will be on the test? Do you have to arrange things ahead of time for a test? How far ahead of time? If you take a test online, is there a practice test so you can be comfortable when it comes time to take a real test?

Do you have questions? Ask NOW so you have time to get an answer back from your teacher. Remember, your teacher is probably *not* on Angel 24/7!


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