eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #8

I’m a technology expert! I know all about the Internet!

If you can surf YouTube and bid on things on eBay doesn’t mean you’re ready for the technology demands of a class that uses the Internet. Do you know about file formats? File size? What’s upload vs. download? Have you ever used BCC in an email? Make sure you realistically evaluate your own  technology skills before diving head-first into an eLearning course.

Another thing to think about? Does technology make you nervous? Have you thrown your wireless router across the room (confession: guilty!).  If so, you might not want add to the normal pressures of a college class – with computer skills that drive you crazy!

Check out the video links in other blog posts for help with basic computer skills. Just click on the “video” tag in the word cloud below.

You might also read about various ways to get help online and in person here at Centralia College.


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