Think Positively!

When we try something new, we’re bound to have a few cuts and bruises along the way. The same is true when starting to teach online, or trying to learn using online content.  When you get discouraged, do you hear yourself saying these?

  • I’m no good at this.
  • I can’t do it.
  • This is no good.
  • I’ve ruined things.

If you find yourself mired in negative thinking, try turning things around:

I’m no good at this.
Instead: This is new to me. I can see it will take me a while to feel familiar with it. It’s a little uncomfortable now and then, but that’s OK. It’ll pass. Mostly I’m enjoying this.

I can’t do it.
Instead: I’m having some difficulty here; it will take more time that I thought. That’s OK. This is really important to me and I know that my skill and comfort will grow as I continue.

This is no good.
Instead: This isn’t working out like I want. Why is that? What might I change?

I’ve ruined things.
Instead: Hmmm. What happened? It’s not what I intended. How can I get back on track? Where can I get a bit of help?


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