My Android – Changing the Way I Use Content Anywhere

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ELI (Educause Learning Initiative) puts out quick briefs on technology tools, which are referred to as the “7 Things” series.  These give a brief overview of how a particular tool is used in education, why it matters, and what the drawbacks are.

The latest is on the Android operating system, which is an open-source operating system used on a variety of devices, notably mobile devices such as Smartphones.

Here’s their 7 Things brief on Android:

So, I recently swapped my beloved Blackberry for an Android phone.  At first I had a couple of hours of lamentations over the differences (yes, even I get frustrated by change) but I quickly grew to love my device.  I’m doing a lot more with it in relation to content than I did with my Blackberry.

Some of my favorite activities (for iPhone, too!):

  • Connecting to my WordPress blog to review and approve comments
  • Using the speech-recognition tool to quickly respond to emails, text messages, do Google Searches, etc.
  • Instant Messaging with Google Talk
  • Access my Dropbox account easily
  • Play Angry Birds (just being honest here)
  • Stream Pandora, which I also plug into my car stereo (did this on Blackberry, too)
  • Subscribing and listening to podcasts (NPR on demand, basically, and a couple other of my favorites are Grammar Girl and How Stuff Works, AND Tegrity lecture capture recordings!)
  • WSDOT traffic info and maps
  • Sharing pictures and videos quickly to Facebook and Twitter
  • News and weather
  • Monitor police scanners (nerdy, I know)
  • I’ve played with Android Kindle.  Don’t know if I would want to read an entire book like I would with an actual Kindle, but it’s quite nice in a pinch.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.

What are you favorite mobile activities, whether it’s Android or an iProduct?


4 thoughts on “My Android – Changing the Way I Use Content Anywhere

  1. “Arieso’s studies used data utilization of the Apple iPhone 3G as a baseline, and found that Android devices typically score higher than either the iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 in terms of time connected to mobile networks
    , call volume, and the amount of data users upload and download. Users of Android phones also have the highest scores for uplink and downlink data, with Samsung Galaxy owners typically uploading 126 percent more data than iPhone 3G users and HTC Desire owners downloading 41 percent more data than iPhone 3G

  2. My favorite Android activities (in no particular order):
    Dropbox. (I often save my camera photos to Dropbox, and let Dropbox move them to my computer.)
    Barcode scanner for reading QR codes. (Apologies for the self-promotion, but:
    OurGroceries. If you live with someone, this is a must-have.
    GoogleMaps. Including traffic.
    Andricious for accessing my Delicious bookmarks.
    Ask-WA — just downloaded it. App for asking a librarian, 24/7 via questionpoint.
    Google Reader.
    Movies. Movie times at my local theaters and movie reviews.
    Finally, an app I created using DroidAppInventor that allows me to quickly email myself reminders using

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