The Best Place to Put Important Information – Angel

I’ve been asked, where’s the best place to put important information, in an Angel classroom.

Well… I’d have to reply: Everywhere!

I usually tell faculty to put important things in at least three different places… but I’m beginning to lean toward even more than three locations.  And yes, we can argue that students should be more responsible, they should know where to look, etc. etc. etc. – yet how many times does someone have to tell *me* important things! And I’m always grateful for those last-minute email reminders.

So, where to put information:

Under the Lessons tab. You could place it in the current folder (week 5), or perhaps as the first content item. Use a catchy title. When you’re creating the content, consider using a larger font – and perhaps some judicious colors (but not too many! Colors don’t help color-blind folks).  Keep your message short and to the point.

Under the Resources tab. Here at Centralia College we don’t seem to use the Resources tab too much. If you put content here, you may have to train your students to look for it!

In an email to all students. If you give students a few days to check their email, this can be a good way to get information out. Of course, send the email not only to students’ email accounts, but also to their internet accounts.  But don’t over-abuse this. If you send six emails a day, pretty soon your emails will be met with a delete key.

sample AnnouncementIn an announcement. I love announcements. Keep ’em short. Keep ’em relevant. Keep ’em changing. This is a great place for reminders, hints, updates, etc. I’d try to keep the announcements to just a few sentences. If you go on and on and on I’m guessing that a student’s brain goes “blah blah blah” and the student doesn’t even read it. I also usually use a font that’s a little larger than normal. I like to change my announcements about three times a week (yeah, a bit obsessive here).  Did you know you can add images to announcements! (and oh-la-la – you can even embed videos in announcements!)


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