I Wish I Did This More Often – Angel

You know when you learn something new and you say “MAN! I wish I’d known that a long time ago!”  Well, that’s how I feel about this feature of Angel.

When adding content to Angel I usually use folders for organization. Perhaps a folder for Week #1.  Inside that Week #1 folder I put content – maybe a reading assignment, homework, PowerPoint presentations, a dropbox for homework, etc.  However, I find that often the content item I’m putting in is very short (“Read chapter 2”, or  “Answer even numbered questions at the end of the chapter”, etc.).  It seems like overkill to me to make a student open a content item to find just one or two lonely sentences.

Instead… did you know… you can actually put a lot of content IN the folder itself! Yup. It’s way cool and I know some of you are already doing this! Let me show you a screenshot of what this looks like first, then I’ll tell you how to do it.

First, a screenshot of what the inside of my Week #1 folder looks like. Notice the blue text near the top. I’ve typed the text so that it appears at the top of the folder instead of creating a separate content item inside the folder. Neat, eh?

Text in a Folder

How did I do this? Once you learn the trick you’ll have this mastered in about five seconds.

  • Create a folder with a good name (don’t save it yet)
  • Trick: Click on the Advanced option button near the top
  • Now you’ll have a nice, large white box where you can type your text
  • Done?  Scroll down and now save, of course

Adding Text to a Folder

I bet you can not only put text IN your folder this way, but also images, embedded videos, etc.
<mental head slap> Man, I wish I’d known this a long time ago!


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