eLeven eLearning eRrors and how to avoid them – #11


Thinking monkey

by sota767 @ Flickr

I’ll just finish up everything the last week of the quarter.

Surprise! Some online courses have different starting/ending dates than face-to-face classes on campus – be sure to learn the dates of your classes at the beginning of the quarter – ask your teacher if it’s not obvious and write the dates on your calendar. Find not only the last day of the quarter – but when is the last instruction day? When are final exams? When is the last date your teacher will accept homework or tests?

Let’s talk about due dates. Most classes with an online component have strict due dates. eLearning courses are not a free-for-all, but are organized and scheduled. You’ll work your way through your course systematically as the quarter progresses, with due dates throughout. If you wait until the last minute, chances are that you’ll be out of luck.

The one exception to this? Centralia College currently offer eCorrespondence courses which do not have due dates. You have 1-2 quarters to complete the course at your own pace with a chance for a third quarter.  You can tell if a course is an eCorresondence course in the quarterly schedule by looking at the course section information.  A “2” means eCorrespondence.  Like this:

BTEC 203X2 (3)   <– see the “2” at the end of the course number – that means eCorrespondence

ENGL 101X2 (5) <– there’s another one!


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