Selecting Things – the Control Key

List of FilesI’ve previously posted about how to select contiguous (one after another) files by using the Click, Shift Key, Click method. While this is a very useful method, often I do not want a series of things selected, but I want this one, and that one over there, and oh, I need this one too! Here I’d like to demonstrate how to select files that are not contiguous – basically random files within a folder.

Let’s assume you have a folder with the files shown in this first image.  Again, by selecting files you can copy just those files to your USB drive, delete them, copy them, etc.  By being able to do one step with many files at once you can save a lot of time.

Well start the same as we did for the previous method…

  1. Select the first file you want
  2. Press and hold down the CTRL (control) key
  3. Now click (that’s just a single click folks!) on the next file you want.  It can be right next to the first file or a ways off. 
  4. Click on the next file you want.
  5. Continue clicking the files you want one-at-a-time
  6. All selected?  You can now release the CTRL key.
  7. The files you clicked on should be highlighted.

Selected FilesWith your files selected you can do whatever you want to all of them at once.  If you can to drag them somewhere, just carefully click-and-hold on any one of the files and drag – they’ll all drag with you!

 In this example, I’ve selected the files named Bob, Dog and Frog.


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