Selecting Things – on Steroids

List of FilesI’ve previously posted about

Selected Files

Selected Files

but did you know you can combine the two?!  Let’s take at a look at the files in the image to the left.  I’d like to select some sequential (contiguous) files: Dog, Elephant, Frog and Giraffe
but I’d also like to pick some that are not “touching” the other files: Alligator and Jungle.

How will I do this? 

I select the contiguous files first by using the Shift key. 

Then I’ll switch to the method that allows me to select non-contiguous files by using the CTRL key.  Here are my steps:

  1. Select the first file in the contiguous files (Dog in this case)
  2. Now hold down the Shift key
  3. Click on the last file in the series: Giraffe
  4. I now have four files selected
  5. Release the Shift key
  6. Now hold down the CTRL key
  7. Click once on Alligator, then once on Jungle
  8. I now have six files selected
  9. Release the CTRL key



3 thoughts on “Selecting Things – on Steroids

  1. I always like to warn people that when selecting using the Ctrl key you must be careful not to drag or move any of the icons. When you drag an icon while the Ctrl key is held down it copies all selected items.

  2. ConnectClass – good catch on being careful when using the CTRL key. If you do hold down the CTRL key and drag icons Windows will make copies of everything you’ve selected. Yeowzer – this can cause *many* extra files. (been there, done that!) Instead, once you have everything selected as you like, you can release all keyboard keys and mouse buttons. Then click-hold-and-drag by using your mouse. Whew!

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