Selecting Text in Word

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know how to select text in Word… but do we *really*? If all you ever do is click-and-s-l-o-w-l-y-drag through words then you’re missing out. These methods will make you work faster, more efficiently, and you’ll look ever-so-cool too!

(BTW, I’m using Word 2010 to confirm that these work.)

  • Click-hold-and-drag: of course, this lets you select text (but it’s soooo slow!)
  • Double-click: select a word
  • Double-click a word and then hold-and-drag: select whole words as you drag
  • Triple-click: select an entire paragraph
  • Click in one spot in your text, hold down Shift key, click another spot in your text: select everything between the two clicks (more on using the Shift key to select things)
  • Position cursor in the left margin area (cursor is an arrow pointing right) and click once: select an entire line
  • Position cursor in left margin area and double-click: select an entire paragraph
  • Position cursor in left margin area, hold down CTRL and click: select entire document (or Ctrl+A of course)

And did you know you can select things backwards?  I mean, you can click-hold-and drag from the bottom and move your mouse up; there’s no reason to always start selecting at the beginning of something!

Head SpinningIf you want to make your head spin around, try this one:
Select a word (I double-click), hold down the CTRL key, move to another location in your document and double-click another word. YEOW! How cool is this?! You can select separate things! Once selected, you can release the CTRL key.  (more on using the CTRL key to select things)

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhere’s a bonus tip – this is a bit obscure but when you really need it – oh-la-laIt’s one of my favorite secret tricks!
Hold down the ALT key and click-hold-and drag up or down in your document – you can select columns of text!

Do YOU have a favorite way to select text in Word?  Add your comments and share your knowledge!


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