Is Your Internet Service Provider “WildBlue”?

WildBlue logo

WildBlue logo

We’re hearing about problems accessing Angel when using WildBlue as an Internet Serivce Provider (ISP).  WildBlue provides access to the internet via satellite.

Students are seeing messages and having problems such as:

  • click to reactivate
  • reauthenticate
  • access denied

Thankfully Ron Davis in our IT department has helped some friends with WildBlue and he knows how to fix the problem.  Here is his solution, as well as solutions from two student:

  1. “[WildBlue] uses an http proxy which might [mess] things up a little.  If the student turns off the proxy address in their Internet Options panel, that might solve their problems.” –Ron Davis
  2. “I went into my Wildblue program itself, and only had to click 2 buttons to shut it [the proxy address] off.” – Student
  3. “Firefox: Tools, Options, Network, Settings, No Proxy.” – Student

Another suggestion? Contact the support folks at WildBlue with specific examples of you problems


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