All Angel All The Time

Angel screenshot featuring the title character...

David Boreanaz as Angel -- Image via Wikipedia

No, not that Angel!  (Sorry, Buffy fan here.)

So, we’ve been kicking this around for quite some time, the idea that it is much simpler to ensure that every Centralia College class has an Angel course shell than to have separate processes for everything.

As of 12:17 p.m. today, all Winter 2011 classes at Centralia College have a course shell within Angel.

Oh my!

So, we finally became fully-integrated with the SMS last quarter.  Then it was figuring out how to do it technically.  Kudos to Eric (our Angel administrator) for figuring this out and pressing all the buttons.

The biggest thing we need to watch out for now is that we will not change the coding to web-enhanced for any of the classes until the shell is actually used.   So if people begin using their course shells we’ll have to figure out a way to know that so that we can code them correctly for future quarters.  Otherwise, students aren’t assessed the $4 per quarter/per user fee and we foot the Angel bill when it arrives from WAOL.  But we did the number crunching.  For the time savings and the potential benefits, we can stand to be off a little bit each quarter.  We are only billed for active users during the polling period…the 8th week I think?

Yes, students can see them.  Yes, you can use your shell without asking permission.  But if you need help, let us know!  We are more than happy to assist you or hook you up with some training.  (Training required to teach an online or hybrid class.)


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