Student Success and Readiness Assessment?

It seems like there are many people having conversations right now around student readiness for online education or around technology competency.  Lily Kun has organized a faculty learning community (FLC) that has chosen to examine this as their focus this year.  See the wiki for the learning community here:!

There are several projects in the works right now that I know of — do you have any ideas?

Here’s what’s going on:

  • Kathy Brooks and Lily Kun will be piloting a project as part of the FLC where they will be providing 5 one-hour student technology workshops (more than Angel) with some selected classes.  The idea is that we can compare some yet-to-be-determined measures for students who receive the training against those that don’t to see how worthwhile this is.
  • eLearning and the library are providing daily drop-in “Intro to Angel” sessions in the first two weeks of January.  Big thanks to all of the staff pitching in to make this happen, including Patrick Allison, Director of IT.  Love the teamwork!
  • The ASK HERE desk in the library will once again be scheduling two-person shifts during the first two weeks of instruction in winter.  The ASK HERE desk provides drop-in support for students for Angel, technology, information resources, research, and more.

Potential Assessment Tool?

  • Eric Richardson will be attending a session on student readiness sponsored by Sloan-C.  He will be reviewing how schools measure learner readiness and how they use these measurements to identify at-risk students and what interventions may be used.  This is a free webinar so feel free to attend if you like. More info on this here:

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