Outlook 2010 Calendar – Videos

Wow. I wanted to make some recordings about using the Outlook 2010 Calendar, but I found some great one that Microsoft had already made.

These are for the desktop version of Outlook and not what you might see if you access Outlook via the web.

These are well worth watching – I’ve already learned a LOT and I’m sure it’ll benefit even more when I watch them a second time next week.

Get familiar with the calendar (overview and setting up meetings/appointments)
on the far left you’ll see links to the other videos in the series, but I’ll put them below too

Create meetings (setting up things that involve you and other people). When the presenter mentions Exchange Server – we here at Centralia College *do* use an Exchange Server.

Create a series of meetings (these are called recurring meetings. Every morning? Third Tuesdays of the month? Meet six times and done? You can do it!)

Tasks and reminders (with prompts so we don’t forget. And wait until you hear about regeneration!)

Color categories and follow-up flags (add new categories, assign more than one category to an item, sort and search)

All day events and free-busy information (nice for vacations, seminars, etc.)


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